iljin electric

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Provider for Tomorrow - We are a leading advanced materials company striving to open the door for the future

Technology & Know-how - One of the world's 3 largest industrial diamond manufacturers

Unique technological innovations achieved with differentiation and expertise - R&D using 10% of sales

TOP 3 of the Super abrasive Material Industry - Top 3 global leading company

leading company of Tool Material - Solution provider and quality innovator in the industry

Products - Implementing Strict Quality Management System

Premium Synthetic Diamond

ILJIN Premium Synthetic Diamond (IPD)はILJINの高温高圧技術の産物です。IPDは高硬度、高い熱安定性を持ち、加えて形状面でもSharpなCutting Edgeを持つ特性があります。これはMining BitやGranite切断用Multi Wireのような苛酷なApplicationで優れた性能を示すことが証明されています。

IPDの高い硬度と粒子のEdgeとMicro Chippingの特性が加工負荷を低減し、切削性能を高める重要な要因です






Stone, Mining & Construction

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